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The Last Supper (2013)

Less a commentary on the outdated and discarded technology, this piece uses 12 TV’s as a metaphor to explore our personal filtering mechanisms. In this interpretation of “The Last Supper”, the 12 televisions represent the apostles at the table. By facing the screens towards the

Wild Kingdom (2010)

Mixed media installation, 2010 Installation view / Detail of viewing hole / Interior view Wood, acrylic, wallpaper, archival pigment print, video & audio components 8"x13"x24"

Kinesthesia Room 1 (2012)

Upon entering this darkened environment, solely visible by the movement of an ethereal luminance, my spatial and physical awareness becomes obfuscated. As I slowly move around the space, color, light, and sounds modulate. What appears to be an object central to my surroundings becomes inaccessible

Clearly Obscured- In Lightened Space (2014)

Throughout my career as a photographer, I have produced tens of thousands of images that have both intellectually and emotionally lured the viewer through the surface and into an illusionary two-dimensional space. When approaching a photograph, there is an anticipation and expectation of being transported to

Feel Yourself Seeing (2013)

Although sight is the dominant sense, hearing, along with kinesthetic and proprioceptive receptors­–found within muscles, joints and skin–generally allow for a person to understand the movement and position of their body within space, even with their eyes closed.   By integrating visuals that either confirm or contradict our

Glass Clouds (2017)

Visual modes of communication are being created and consumed at an ever-increasing rate in our contemporary culture. A 2015 New York Times article stated that Kodak announced consumers around the world had taken 80 billion photos in the year 2000. That number had increased to

sense non sense (2016)

As of September 3, 2016, the Indexed Web contains over 1 billion web sites and at least 4.71 billion pages according to Internet Live Stats and worldwidewebsize.com–and this is only what is being tracked. According to Market Wired, Cisco’s Visual Networking Index (VNI) predicts that

Collective Individual (2019, ongoing)

--- The series, Collective Individual : Glass Portraits, considers the role of the individual’s identity within perceptions of self, family, and community. It arises from my own personal exploration of the challenges and benefits of living in a culturally mixed family. Each of the glass portraits merges